The Phillip J. Hamman Termite Control Training School is not being offered at this time.
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Texas is one coastal state that has an extremely high incidence of termite invasion into structures. The Phillip J. Hamman Termite Control Training School was developed in order to teach correct and proper treatments to termite control practitioners. The classes include lectures, field laboratories, and practical training with current termite control and inspection equipment.

The students will learn to apply appropriate technologies and proven methods that can protect structures from termite invasion. Exhibits, presentations, scenarios, and an outdoor laboratory are utilized. At the end of the three days of training, a written test will be given. After successfully completing the test and practicals, the student will receive a certificate of completion from the school, as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Students completing the school will receive the following continuing education units (CEU):

  • 1 Gen IPM
  • 1 Gen Safety
  • 1 Gen Laws & Regs
  • 2 Pest
  • 2 Termite

Reasons Why a Student Should Get Trained at the Termite Training School at Texas A&M

  1. Learn about termite biology and how to properly identify them.
  2. Learn the current laws and regulations mandated by Structural Pest Control Service.
  3. Learn safety procedures when performing a termite treatment.
  4. Learn different types of construction that might possibly be encountered.
  5. Learn how to properly calibrate application equipment.
  6. See and use new equipment and pesticide formulations.
  7. Learn how to control termites using both baits and liquid treatments.
  8. Learn how to accurately measure and inspect a structure.
  9. Satisfy the minimum 8-hour instructional requirements for termite technician training.
  10. Helps prepare for the Texas state category exam.

If you would like to be placed on a mailing list to be notified when the Phillip J. Hamman Termite Control Training School is offered, please contact us at annette.deferrari@ag.tamu.edu or call 979.321.5825.

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